10+ Signs You've Been Possessed Without Realizing It

Your pets are acting weird around you

Sure, pets can be pretty inscrutable sometimes, but for the most part, you should be familiar with their behavior and able to predict how they'll act.

If your pets have begun to act withdrawn or aggressive some but not all of the time, or they've started staring at you without blinking, you may be possessed.

You zone out a lot

It's normal to get a little bit spaced out after a long day at work or a particularly draining journey, but it shouldn't be happening all the time.

If you're zoned out more often than you're not, it might be that you're not actually dissociating, but that some other presence is taking over your body.

You fall asleep fully clothed

Again, being sleepy after an abnormally stressful workday, hectic family vacation, or wild party makes sense, no one is doubting that.

With that said, falling asleep before you even have time to take off your shoes or get under the covers is either a medical issue or a sign of possession.

You have gaps in your memory

Memory loss should always be treated seriously. No one remembers every second of every day, in fact, the brain lets go of far more memories than it keeps.

However, there's a difference between the normal loss of details and actual gaps in your memory, which is often a sign that another entity is taking your body for a ride.

You're hearing voices

Hearing voices isn't normal in any context, though the reason for this symptom may not always be possession.

If you've ruled out all medical and earthly causes though, it may be time to reckon with the fact that a spirit or entity is whispering in your ear.

You have a new, uncontrollable temper

Everyone gets annoyed sometimes, it's a normal and healthy part of the human experience. Huge, sudden temper fluctuations are a little harder to explain though.

Noticing that you've gone from placid and peaceful to enraged for seemingly no reason means it's time to consider that you're not fully in control of your mind and body.

You feel distant from your partner

Sure, if you feel distant and disconnected from your partner, it could just be that you're experiencing non-supernatural, run-of-the-mill relationship issues.

However, it could also mean that something else is affecting your emotions, such as a demonic entity with absolutely no investment in your romantic life or your other half.

You've developed new skills

If you wake up suddenly able to play Stairway to Heaven on the piano when you couldn't the previous day, but you've been practicing for months, that's just a normal breakthrough.

If you wake up able to play Stairway to Heaven when you've never even heard the song before, that's a sign that you're drawing on another entity's skills.

Old hobbies are suddenly harder for you

The opposite of the previous sign is also true. If you have suddenly lost skills you've had for years and there's no obvious medical cause, it's time to get suspicious.

Possession takes up a lot of space in your brain, and whatever entity you're sharing your mind with could push out other skills and hobbies.

You wake up exhausted

Replenishing sleep doesn't come easy to everyone, but it's worth noting if your sleep quality has gone from wonderful to severely lacking in a short amount of time.

Rule out any medical causes first, of course, but if sleep issues persist it may be that you're not actually going to bed when you think you are.

Your things get moved around

Most people associate wandering objects with poltergeists, but there are actually numerous supernatural explanations for items not being where you last put them.

One is that you're possessed and sharing your body with an entity that can't stop using your objects for their own means, whatever they may be.

Your tastebuds have changed

It's normal for tastebuds to change over time, but that should be a process so gradual that you hardly even notice it.

Waking up and discovering that not a single one of your favorite foods sounds good either means you're coming down with something, or that an entity has taken over your tongue.

You've developed a new accent

This is a weird symptom of possession for which there are scant other explanations. As such, if you wake up with a strange new accent, you should definitely take note.

Most likely, this means you have been possessed in the night, and whatever creature you're sharing a body with is from a different place to you

You've got weird food cravings

Just as falling out of love with all your previous favorite foods is a red flag, so too is suddenly getting hungry for foods you've never wanted before.

If you're not pregnant and not sick, then your brand-new cravings could be attributed to whatever demon or other creature you're now sharing a body and brain with.

You feel cold all the time

Being consistently cold regardless of your environment is usually a sign that you're getting sick, and possession can definitely have that effect on the body.

If no amount of rest and cold and flu medication can stop your shivers, it might be time to reckon with the idea that the explanation is more otherworldly than grounded.

You've developed new birthmarks

On the face of it, there isn't anything extraordinary about birthmarks. They're there when you're born, and they stick with you your whole life.

Of course, if you've developed new birthmarks and gotten the all-clear from a doctor, that's an indication that your body is no longer solely yours.

You have unexplainable bruises

Unexplainable bruises are another dark sign that you may be going walkabout while you're asleep, owing to possession of some form or other.

Maybe the entity you're sharing your body with is doing innocuous things, but if so, why would you wake up with so many bruises?

Other languages come easily

If you've always been pretty gifted at picking up new languages, then it's not necessarily a sign of possession if you become suddenly fascinated with a new one.

With that said, if you've been monolinguistic for your whole life but suddenly find yourself able to read maps and signposts in other languages, something supernatural is going on.

Your friends have noticed a difference

Oftentimes, your friends know you better than you know yourself, so they will likely be the first to notice if something is off or wrong with you.

If your friends have begun to mention that you have periods of not seeming like yourself, it might be literally true that you are not always yourself.

You've developed new fears

Developing a brand new fear or phobia in response to a traumatic experience or uncomfortable situation makes perfect sense and is not necessarily a supernatural thing.

By contrast, gaining new phobias out of nowhere is either a sign of a developing anxiety disorder or the fact that you are harboring a fearful spirit inside you.

You've been getting headaches

Everyone gets headaches, and headaches can be caused by literally anything, from lack of water, to too much light, or even too much sugar.

Headaches with seemingly no medical cause (and it's important to rule this out first) can also be attributed to demonic possession, which puts stress on the nervous system and brain.

Your dreams are extra vivid

A drastic change in your dreams is more of an indication that you're dealing with possession, especially if the dreams seem to have no bearing on your waking life.

This is doubly true if the dreams are of a troubling nature, or even become nightmares. This could be a sign a demon is trying to torment you from within.

You're seeing auras

Seeing auras is something that is usually only the purview of the very spiritually tuned-in, or people who have been granted new spiritual awareness via possession.

Of course, auras can also come along with migraines, so it's worth ruling out earthly causes before you investigate any supernatural ones.

You've started lying more often

Nobody is immune to lying - whether it be mini white lies to ease embarrassment or discomfort, or big lies designed to make you seem more impressive than you are.

Nevertheless, beginning to lie constantly but not knowing what is motivating you to do it is one of the clearest signs that an entity is influencing your behaviour.

You're always hungry

Being possessed is hard work! Not only are you probably sick and exhausted as a result, but you're burning through twice as many calories to keep you both thriving.

It's sensible to rule out things like lifestyle changes and pregnancy when faced with an increased appetite, but failing those explanations, it's worth considering that possession as an option.

You're sensitive to light

Vampires aren't the only supernatural phenomenon to struggle with bright light. Many entities, including those of the demonic persuasion, also avoid it when they can.

As such, if you've begun to draw your curtains and recoil from sunlight, it may be worth checking if you've also experienced any other signs of possession.

You're experiencing unexplained emotions

Have you felt recently as though your emotions are completely out of your control? Like they don't map onto your internal life or real experiences?

If this sounds familiar, there's a good chance that you're being hijacked by the emotions of another entity that you are sharing your brain and body with.

You've started sleepwalking

Late-onset sleepwalking isn't entirely unheard of, but it is rare. If there is no medical explanation or new stress in your life, it's worth looking elsewhere for an explanation.

One explanation that you may not be happy to hear is that sleepwalking can be a symptom of possession, with another entity puppeting your body at night.

You've noticed phantom scents

Visual and auditory hallucinations are easy to spot when they happen, but olfactory hallucinations are often a lot subtler and trickier to notice.

Nevertheless, if you've started smelling old perfume when there's nobody around, or flowers when there are none, it could be that an entity possessing you has keener senses than yourself.

You're drawn to certain antiques

Lots of people love antiquing and seek out odd curiosities to add to their collection. Others have no interest in weird old objects at all.

If you've moved from the latter to the former category for seemingly no reason, then it could be that you're not as alone in your body as you'd hope to be.

You want to move house

Has your space suddenly become cold and unwelcoming? Has all of your meticulously picked-out decor suddenly become repulsive to you?

Before you rush to redecorate or sell up and leave, consider whether these opinions are actually your own. Maybe you're being possessed, and another entity dislikes your space.

You're sleeping at odd times

Sleeping at odd times is another symptom with a myriad of potential causes, from lifestyle to insomnia to narcolepsy. When all those are ruled out though, you're left with supernatural explanations.

If your body is being inhabited by another entity, you will find yourself running out of energy at odd moments, and even falling asleep when at inopportune times.

You've written yourself messages

If you're noticing this symptom, the situation is urgent and you may need to take drastic action. Leaving messages for yourself is a sign that the possession is quite advanced.

Especially if you don't remember leaving these messages for yourself, it's likely that you're experiencing numerous blackouts and total takeovers, and you need to protect yourself imminently.

A new animal has come into your life

Suddenly being followed by a stray dog, or your house playing host to a cat you've never seen before, is a sign that the entity possessing you has its own companion.

You can tell a lot about how dangerous the entity is from what animal it is associated with: a puppy is not that threatening, but a wolf or snake certainly is.

Your hair color has changed

While plenty of preteen girls will argue to the end of time that their hair changes color due to the sun or the weather, such things are just not possible.

What is possible though, is that being possessed by another for a protracted amount of time can lead to appearance changes, and hair color is one of the first to shift.

Your eyes look different

A possession that has gone on for a reasonable amount of time can lead to a shift in hair color, but there is an even more dramatic change.

If your eyes are no longer the same color that they once were, that's an undisputable sign that you're in final-stage possession, and may soon be taken over completely.

You avoid mirrors

There are lots of reasons why a person might subconsciously or directly avoid mirrors, and very few of them have to do with anything supernatural.

With that said, if you've stopped checking your reflection because it feels unnervingly like you're watching someone else stare out of your face, that's a sign of possession.

You feel physically weak

Feeling weak is the kind of symptom that could have multiple mundane medical causes, so it's always good to get a doctor's opinion first.

If they can't find a medical reason for your fatigue though, it could just be that a demon or other entity you're sharing your body with is running you ragged.

You have past life memories

Many children are born with past life memories, but they usually forget them for good by the age of five, at the oldest. Remembering into adulthood is notable.

Even stranger are sudden-onset past life memories, which can be attributed to another entity sharing your body and inadvertently sharing their own past experiences and memories with you.

You feel distant or dissociated

Depressed and anxious people often feel withdrawn and disconnected from the world, but if you're feeling quite well and still distant, you'll need to look elsewhere for answers.

One explanation could be that you've been possessed and another entity is encroaching on your psyche and coloring your perception of the world.