Mar 19, 2024

30 Songs That People Think Are the Worst of All Time

There's only one thing that's guaranteed to linger in your memory longer than a great song - and that's a really, really terrible song. For whatever reason, the songs that wind up being the most enduringly popular hits are very often the most annoying, cringe-inducing examples of their craft ever recorded. The following songs have been widely declared the worst of all time, yet as widely disliked as they may be, odds are if you've ever heard them, you're unlikely to ever forget them, whether you like it or not. Be warned, reading this article may cause serious, long-lasting earworm!

Mar 19, 2024

Stupidly Expensive Romantic Gestures By Famous People

The world has always been obsessed with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and that naturally includes their love lives. Where most of us would need to save up for months to give our special someone the perfect gift or whisk them off on a dream vacation, wealthy celebrities are able to splash out on such things on a whim. Jewels, designer clothes, luxury vehicles, mansions: superstars will grab these the way we might be flowers from the store. If you could afford to splash out on your significant other the way these famous people have, would you?