Mar 13, 2024

Signs You Need to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

We all know that we’re supposed to get eight hours of sleep on a daily basis, but inevitably this is sometimes interrupted, perhaps by noises outside or the sudden need to use the bathroom. However, if you’re waking up in the early hours on a regular basis, never getting a full uninterrupted night’s sleep, this is a cause for concern.<br/>

Mar 13, 2024

You Can Tell If Someone Is Healthy Just From Their Nose... Here's How

The ears, nose and throat are all interconnected, meaning that an infection in any part of them can lead to issues in the other regions. This means that the nose, a delicate and sensitive organ which forms the very first part of the human respiratory system, is highly susceptible to changes during illness. Read on to find out how the nose’s colour, texture, mucus, reactions to irritants and sense of smell can all contribute to the health assessment of an individual. Even the sounds that the nose makes can reveal plenty of details about injury and infection.

Mar 13, 2024

10 Inspiring Secrets From The Oldest People On The Planet

Everyone knows the benefit of respecting one's elders, but what about learning from them? Though young people are the undisputed experts when it comes to things like converting PDFs and gaining virality on the internet, it is people in their 80s and 90s who know the most about living to old age and the importance of healthy habits. In the past few decades, many studies into the lifestyles of octogenarians have been published, and they've revealed the secrets that many older people attribute to their longevity. From the sensible to the strange to the downright hilarious, here's what elderly people believe is crucial to living well.