Mar 13, 2024

The Best CGI Movie Monsters Ever

The advent of computer generated imagery changed cinema forever, for better or for worse. Many have lamented the digital age for producing a seemingly never-ending slew of soulless, cartoonish spectacles; but, when it's done right, CGI can produce visual feats that are awe-inspiring, and - in some instances - genuinely scary. While there's no denying that a lot of the greatest movie monsters ever were brought to life with practical effects, digitally rendered monsters can sometimes be every bit as impressive and memorable, as the following examples stand to demonstrate.

Mar 13, 2024

The Craziest Car Makeovers from Pimp My Ride, Ranked

When it comes to making an impact on pop culture, any show would kill to be Pimp My Ride. Despite running for only three years, from 2004 to 2007, the show packed in six seasons and 73 episodes, as well as international spin-offs that filled cars with crazy lights and Hi-Fi TVs around the globe. The show made a star of rapper Xzibit, who guided excitable (if gullible) vehicle owners through the kind of makeover that was sure to render a car undriveable in at least 20 states. But, now that the show is over, which makeover was the craziest? We've ranked them all.