Jun 6, 2024

10+ Most Inappropriate Funeral Songs That People Still Pick

It might not be something we enjoy contemplating, but the time will come for us say goodbye to our loved ones - and they, in turn, will have to say goodbye to us. Funerals give us the chance to do so in a formal setting, and it has long been commonplace for music to be played. Sometimes religious music and classical pieces may be chosen, but popular songs have long since been accepted into the mix. The problem is, not all song picks are created equal, and some people opt for the most inappropriate choices known to man. Here are the worst offenders out there.

May 15, 2024

These Are the Most Banned Music Videos

The glory days of music videos might be over, but back in the day, a good music video was arguably as important as the song itself - and it had to get people talking. There's no better way to get attention than to shock the viewer, hence many of the biggest musical stars around have veered into highly provocative territory with their videos - and sometimes these go further than TV networks are comfortable with. The following music videos all got hit with bans, and while sometimes the reasons for this are obvious, in some instances it's a little more surprising...

Apr 22, 2024

30+ Rock Stars Who Were Born Rich

Making music for a living, perhaps now more than ever, is a big gamble. Royalties are hard to come by, and often even successful musicians are left with barely enough for a packet of ramen. The only people who can afford to make music living are those who didn't need to make a living in the first place. This, for better or worse (worse), opens up the industry to a string of rich kids with money to burn and guitars to strum. You may be surprised by how many of your faves were born into wealth, often extreme wealth.

Apr 22, 2024

Iconic Songs That Were Almost Never Released

Music is a funny business. Some people might have good instincts for what makes a hit, but it's not an exact science - and, more often than you'd think, a song which the artist or the record label considers throwaway proves to be an absolute smash. None of the following songs were expected to be the enduring hits they proved to be: some were intended for other artists, some were thought of as a joke, but all wound up having a monumental impact. Can you imagine how different music history would be if some of the following tracks had never been released?

Apr 22, 2024

These Songs Have the Weirdest Lyrics

In the fascinating realm of music, there exists a collection of timeless songs that have managed to captivate audiences not just for their melodies, but for their utterly bizarre lyrics. These hits, often celebrated for their creativity, have, rather, left listeners scratching their heads. From The Beatles' psychedelic musings to contemporary artists embracing the surreal, these songs challenge the boundaries of language, offering a glimpse into the world of so-called musical expression. Join us on a journey through the looking glass, exploring the baffling lyrics of these popular songs.<br/>

Apr 22, 2024

The Best Guitarists Of All Time, According To Rolling Stone

A good guitarist can make or break a band - but a great one can catapult them to stardom. Without the work of these amazing guitarists, the world would be a much less rockin' place. From the funky beats of Nile Rodgers to the shreds of Eddie Van Halen, these musicians have redefined what it means to be a guitarist, and some have even changed the face of music forever. Read on to find out if your favorite guitarist ranks in Rolling Stone's list of the all time best!

Apr 22, 2024

The Richest Musicians of All Time

Money and music go hand in hand - think of your favorite rapper flashing their cash, or an iconic rockstar debuting their brand new mansion in Beverly Hills. If you make it big in the music world, you can boast a few million to your name, and sometimes, in the case of a lucky few, might even reach billionaire status. Sure, some of them might have more money than sense, but we can't deny the lives of the rich and famous are endlessly fascinating. From Britney to Bono, here are the musicians topping the rich list - does your favorite make the list?

Apr 22, 2024

Brilliant Albums You Had No Idea Were Made in Someone's Bedroom

It's no wonder that many musicians prefer the home studio. Not only does it save a lot of money in the long run (after buying all your equipment) but it frees you from the constraints of a time slot. Back in the day, home recordings were a niche interest that didn't get much critical appreciation or audience recognition, and weren't really seen as legitimate by the industry at large. Today, all of that has changed. From the crunchy to the commercial, here are the iconic records from both today and yesteryear that you had no idea were made in someone's bedroom.

Apr 22, 2024

25 Musicians Who Nearly Gave Up... Then Had A Huge Breakthrough

The music industry is infamously tough to crack, and trying to break through can be an extremely demoralizing experience for up-and-coming artists. While it might be hard to imagine from looking at them now, some of the biggest stars today were once struggling to make a name for themselves, and some even came perilously close to quitting. Fortunately, all the artists on this list eventually found the resolve to continue pursuing their dreams, and many of them went on to record some of the most successful music in history. The surprising stars who almost quit before their breakthrough can be found below.

Apr 22, 2024

Songs You Never Knew Were About Famous People

A hit song doesn't have to be filled with snarky lyrics, putdowns and killer lines to become a hit... but it helps. What might be more impressive is how many songs sneak under the radar without most people realizing just who the lyrics are talking about. We've put together a list of classic songs that are really about famous people, most often showing them in a negative light that normal people like us just don't get to see. In some ways, it's comforting to know that celebrities are just like us... but in others, it's sad to see just how cruel they can be.

Apr 22, 2024

The Wealthiest Rappers Of All Time, Ranked

Money has always been an important part of the rap world. With many young rappers coming from nothing and working their way up to the top, the expensive bling, cars, mansions and brand deals become badges of honor to show just how far they've come. Outside of music, the wealthiest rappers capitalize on their appeal by exploring new business ventures, from starting their own record labels to launching their own brand of vegan whipped cream. Read on to find out the ranking of the wealthiest rappers of all time - the top spot will probably surprise you!

Apr 22, 2024

The Best Sibling Bands Of All Time, According To Rolling Stone

Sibling relationships are often incredibly complex. When they get stress tested by the volatile world of the music industry, the results can be explosive. The heady cocktail of artistic ambitions, inflated egos and sibling rivalry often leads to bitterly acrimonious - and highly public - feuds, sometimes even resulting in the complete breakdown of relationships. On the other hand, when it goes right, the unique understanding shared by people who've grown up together can result in genuinely incredible music and captivating performances. This list provides both kinds of examples, showcasing some of the most legendary sibling bands of all time.

Apr 22, 2024

The 40 Wealthiest Drummers Of All Time

From Ringo Star to Travis Barker, drummers, far beyond simply keeping a beat, have emerged from the back of the stage to become superstars in their own right. Some, like Phil Collins, combine singing lyrics with their drum playing; others, like Dave Grohl, can seemingly do it all. One thing unites this band of heavy metal brothers; money, and lots of it. Here we will explore the vast amount of wealth these musicians have made throughout their career and find out who sits atop the drumming mountaintop as the richest one of them all.

Apr 22, 2024

The Best Albums of All Time (According to Rolling Stone)

Since Rolling Stone magazine first went into print in 1967, it has become a global institution - and while it covers a broad spectrum of subject matter, its key focus has always been music. As such, if any publication would be considered an authority on the matter of the best albums of all time, it must be Rolling Stone. In 2020, they released the list of what their staff consider to be the greatest albums ever. The result was an eclectic and at times surprising selection of LPs, ranging from popular classics to lesser-known titles you probably didn't expect to see...

Apr 22, 2024

30 Songs That People Think Are the Worst of All Time

There's only one thing that's guaranteed to linger in your memory longer than a great song - and that's a really, really terrible song. For whatever reason, the songs that wind up being the most enduringly popular hits are very often the most annoying, cringe-inducing examples of their craft ever recorded. The following songs have been widely declared the worst of all time, yet as widely disliked as they may be, odds are if you've ever heard them, you're unlikely to ever forget them, whether you like it or not. Be warned, reading this article may cause serious, long-lasting earworm!

Apr 22, 2024

Famous Songs You Had No Idea Use Other People’s Music

Those who say nothing is original in music anymore might just be right - but it's pretty much always been this way! Ever wondered about the secret melodies behind some of your favorite hits? Dive into the fascinating world of famous songs that slyly repurpose other people's music. From Rihanna's infectious SOS to MC Hammer's iconic U Can't Touch This, these chart-toppers have a hidden layer of musical history which, in some cases, lead to a court case! Unearth the stories behind the mash-ups and discover how artists weave borrowed notes into their songs and make them their own.

Apr 22, 2024

Famous Songs That Everybody Thinks Are Cursed

Over the long and storied history of music, certain songs have gathered a reputation for being cursed, and sometimes even dangerous to listen to. From tales of untimely deaths to inexplicable calamities, these songs have sparked chilling stories and led to some listeners even refusing to give these records a spin. While some of these tunes are famous for their creepy history (like The Beatles' Helter Skelter), others might surprise you due to their apparent innocence, such as pop classics from Taylor Swift. Join us as we put together the ultimate playlist of cursed songs - listen if you dare!<br/>

Apr 22, 2024

25+ Upbeat Songs That Nobody Realizes Are Actually Super Dark

Ever caught yourself happily bopping along to a tune only to realize the lyrics are hiding a darker side? Take Hanson's MMMBop – beneath the catchy melody lies a reflection on fleeting relationships. Lionel Richie's Hello may seem like a romantic classic, but dive into the lyrics, and a borderline stalker vibe emerges. These unsuspecting hits pack a punch when you really listen. Join us as we uncover the hidden depths of seemingly cheerful tunes, where the melody masks a shadowy reality that might just give you a whole new perspective on your favorite feel-good jams.

Apr 22, 2024

30 Famous Musicians, Ranked By How Crazy Their Fanbases Are

Music is subjective, no matter what Radiohead fans might tell you at parties. What is one person's pride and joy is another's source of amusement or derision and downright cringe. In today's chronically online world, that gulf can cause sparks among respective fan bases. All fan bases are technically crazy given that the word fan is short for "fanatic" - but some are definitely crazier than others and we're delighted to present you with a list of all the craziest. Finally, the definitive guide you've all been waiting for! Beliebers, ARMY, Arianators, and Swifties - look away now or proceed with caution.<br/>

Apr 22, 2024

The 30 Greatest Country Musicians of All Time, According to Rolling Stone

Country music is the USA's genre, largely ignored by the rest of the world, but adored by millions within the States. Many rhinestone-clad, guitar-wielding, ballad-singing, country music stars have come and gone since recorded music started making its way into regular American households throughout the 1910s. Rolling Stone, the popular music magazine, undertook the daunting task of arranging the very best into an order, but do you agree with it? From the country veterans who have been making hits for decades, to the plucky underdogs looking to prove themselves in Nashville, these are country's very best and brightest!