Fictional TV Weddings, Ranked by Romance

Cory and Topanga – Boy Meets World

Cory and Topanga, played by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, were the poster couple for young love in the mid-’90s. From middle school sweethearts to high schoolers to husband and wife-to-be, Cory and Topanga’s love story was filled with butterflies, first kisses, and a few bumps along the way.

After seven seasons of Boy Meets World (from 1993–2000), Cory and Topanga were married during the series’ final season. The show ended, but the pair continued their story with later spinoff called Girl Meets World, in which they raised their children, Riley and August.

Jake and Amy – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When Jake and Amy tied the knot in the Season 5 finale, it was a moment many fans of Brooklyn 9-9 had been anticipating for years. Even though the two took a while to get together, there was never any doubt that they loved each other and would stay together.

Once the couple were finally set to walk the aisle, Amy's ex showed up and called in a bomb threat to their wedding venue. That wasn't enough to stop this determined couple from getting married. Captain Holt stepped in as officiant and the members of the 99 recreated a perfect wedding last-minute at the precinct.

Stefan and Caroline – The Vampire Diaries

The final season of The Vampire Diaries was full of heartbreak and twists, but one thing that fans had been waiting for was a wedding between Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). It had been a long time coming, and it finally happened in the penultimate episode of the series.

Amidst all the chaos of the final season, Stefan and Caroline were still able to cross the finish line. It wasn't an entirely conventional beginning for their life together, but it was theirs. Sadly, their union was cut short when Stefan sacrificed himself to kill nemesis Katherine in the series finale.

Chandler and Monica – Friends

Monica and Chandler’s wedding is a perfect example of a TV wedding done right. While lots of TV wedding moments are memorable, the happy couple’s big day on Friends manages to stand out from the pack in a number of ways.

People tend to get nostalgic for the episodes of Friends that focus on relationships - Ross and Rachel's on-again, off-again romance, Chandler and Monica's relationship problems, and so on. This episode showcases all of the season-long build-up to Monica and Chandler's wedding with a surprising twist: Rachel is pregnant with Ross's baby.

Schmidt and Cece – New Girl

There’s something to be said for the power of a memorable location. From street corners to alleys, people have been getting married in some pretty unlikely spots. But when you’re trying to personalize your event, having a special place is the perfect starting point.

New Girl’s Schmidt and Cece’s loft wedding was one of the most beautiful, thoughtful, and memorable scenes on television. The couple planned the perfect pandemic wedding fit for their personalities, complete with dozens of carefully selected details that made their ceremony unique to them.

Ben and Leslie – Parks and Recreation

Fans of Parks and Recreation had to feel bad for Ben and Leslie when the couple's lakeside elopement was called off. In the season five episode, the two were about to get married in a beautiful ceremony on the shores of Lake Muskoka when Leslie's boss and city councilman Jamm showed up and ruined everything.

However, in Leslie and Ben, we watched with envy as the couple exchanged their vows again, this time in a parks and recreation department’s office surrounded by their closest friends. The ceremony was as cute and perfect as the first one (if not more so).

Rachel and Mike – Suits

Rachel Zane and Mike Ross’ wedding was a long time coming for fans of Suits. Their on-screen chemistry kept viewers interested in their romance through the show’s first five seasons, paving the way for them ultimately tying the knot midway through the show's sixth season.

The moment had fans swooning not only because it was so sweet, but also because of its real world resonance: Rachel actress Meghan Markle herself was already engaged to Prince Harry of Great Britain at the time the episode was filmed.

Chuck and Blair – Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair were always one of Gossip Girl's most dynamic duos. They had a passionate, tumultuous relationship that was filled with drama and intrigue. Their history together made their wedding - even though it was an impulsive decision that almost got them arrested - all the more meaningful.

Chuck and Blair’s Central Park ceremony is certainly memorable, but if the show has taught us anything, it’s that weddings are full of surprises. Even their own recent nuptials came as a shock to everyone in attendance, not least of all to themselves because they weren’t even sure they were ready for marriage.

Jim and Pam – The Office

The Office's Jim and Pam are one of television's most beloved couples. Their romance began at the start of the sitcom, but it wasn't until the end Season 3 that the two became an item. They were engaged by the start of Season 5, then married in The Office's very special (and hilarious) Niagara episode.

In the episode, the office is invited to the couple's wedding at Niagara Falls. They end up having a secret courthouse ceremony before returning for the wedding party. Unfortunately, Jim accidentally reveals Pam's pregnancy to the guests - including Pam's very strict grandmother - but then we get to see them dance down the aisle.

Jane and Michael – Jane the Virgin

The romance of Jane the Virgin may be rooted in telenovela tropes, but it's also deeply entrenched in real-life relationships. No matter what viewers think of the show, they have to admit that Jane and Michael’s wedding was just about the sweetest moment in a season full of them.

No matter whether you were Team Rafael or Team Michael, everyone was moved to tears in the season two finale when Michael began speaking to Jane in Spanish. His speech was as romantic as it was touching and having him deliver his vows in a foreign language only added to its poignancy.

Leo and Piper – Charmed

In the early seasons of supernatural drama Charmed, Leo was Piper's whitelighter (basically an angelic guardian) who was charged with protecting her for eternity. They had a strong bond but were always forbidden to be together because of their respective jobs as guardian and charge.

In getting married, they literally defied the heavens by ignoring the rules of the universe and getting married in season three. And what makes this wedding even more charming is that their officiant was a ghost - the late great Penny Halliwell - otherwise known as Grams.

Seth and Summer – The O.C.

The O.C. was always a little bit too cheesy for its own good, but that didn't stop us from loving it. The show's first season was a perfect combination of drama, comedy, and romance that had us hooked from the pilot episode until the very end.

The O.C. had a serious case of the feels in its final season, and no moment made us cry harder than the Seth and Summer wedding in the season finale. Seth had been in love with Summer since day one, and the couple had an on-and-off relationship throughout the show’s four seasons.

Charlotte and Harry – Sex and the City

Charlotte's relationship with Harry Goldenblatt started out rocky (as he was her divorce lawyer and they weren't supposed to date, but they did anyway), but after they finally admitted their feelings for each other and got married, it became one of our favorite relationships on the show.

We saw her go from a woman who got trapped in a bad marriage, to someone who was able to find love again. She also ended up with the best husband out of all the girls, one who was gentle and kind and practically perfect in every way.

Cam and Mitchell – Modern Family

When Mitch and Cam got married in the season 5 finale of Modern Family, they were already a couple with a house and a child. They were already parents, but their wedding day was still a long time coming - in fact, the series began with them as an established couple.

What makes Mitch and Cam's wedding unique is the chaos surrounding it. A wildfire engulfs their venue; a backup venue suddenly becomes unavailable; their officiant has to be replaced. Through all the obstacles, though, Mitch is able to keep his cool while Cam gets more anxious.

Sheldon and Amy – The Big Bang Theory

While it seemed like a tall order that Sheldon Cooper would ever find love when sitcom The Big Bang Theory first premiered in 2007, the series eleven finale brought about a marriage that made perfect sense for Sheldon and his partner Amy Farrah Fowler.

It was a hammy affair that featured Mark Hamill as the officiant and a hasty ceremony delayed by Sheldon's epiphany about tying his bowtie properly. At its best, The Big Bang Theory always struck a good balance between the quippy and the heartfelt - and it’s never been more fully realized than in this episode.

Clark and Lois – Smallville

It wasn't too long ago in the world of Smallville that Clark Kent and Lois Lane finally got hitched. Since the moment they had their first date in season 2, fans were waiting for the iconic comic book couple to marry, in a show that was all about Clark becoming the Man of Steel.

When Lois asked Clark if he wanted to walk her down the aisle, it was more than just a romantic gesture - it was her way of reaffirming her desire to be with him, through all of the good times and bad times they've shared as friends and lovers.

Carol and Burt – Glee

Anyone who's seen Glee knows that music can bring people together. The Glee kids have no trouble getting people to sing and dance along with them, no matter how talented they are. But the true magic of music is its ability to connect people in more profound ways.

When Kurt and Finn's parents tied the knot in the gleefully over-the-top season two episode of Glee, it was a magical moment. The New Directions gang was there to serenade them with Bruno Mars' Marry You, Burt and Carol shared individual vows that were sweet and funny, and they both danced!

Miranda and Steve – Sex and the City

If you're like Miranda and Steve from Sex and the City, you don't care about the fanfare of a wedding, you just want to make it official. That's OK - you're not alone in this mindset. Many couples today are choosing a non-traditional approach to their nuptials, including a low-key park wedding.

One thing Miranda was never afraid to do was call things as she saw them. It's no surprise that her biggest wedding wish wasn't for a fairytale cake or months in planning - it was for a low-key ceremony. As she said herself, "I have a child. The jig is up."

Luke and Laura – General Hospital

We all have that one couple that we can't help but root for, even when they're going through trying times. Luke and Laura from General Hospital fit that description for many viewers. In 1981, Luke and Laura became the most watched fictional couple in television history when 30 million people tuned in to their wedding.

The day of any wedding is naturally filled with joy and excitement, but for Luke and Laura, the day marked the beginning of their struggle against evil. It was not long after their vows were exchanged that Helena Cassadine, an old enemy of Laura's family, cast a curse on their relationship.

Donna and David – Beverly Hills 90210

The finale of Beverly Hills 90210 was bittersweet for more than one reason. Not only did it mark the end of a ten-year series that grew to be part of 90s kids' lives, but it also brought about the end of Donna and David's tumultuous relationship.

Audiences watched them break up and get back together so many times throughout the show that we're amazed they ended up together. Perhaps all those years of back and forth have made their union stronger; at any rate, we were glad to see them finally tie the knot in the show's finale.

Phoebe and Mike – Friends

The bride and groom, Phoebe Buffay and Mike Hannigan, were a part of one of the greatest love stories in TV history. After a whirlwind romance, the couple got engaged, but their wedding plans went awry when a massive blizzard descended on New York City.

With a little help from their Friends, they were able to tie the knot outside of Central Perk right as the snow started falling. The entire group was there to support Phoebe and Mike; Monica was maid of honor, Rachel was a bridesmaid, Ross carried Mike's dog down the aisle, and Chandler gave Phoebe away.

Becky and Jesse – Full House

The bride and groom were getting ready to walk down the aisle, but the groom was missing. The choir was in full swing with their version of Here Comes the Bride, but there was no sign of the groom. Panicking, Becky borrowed the school bus from her students and gave chase.

She found Jesse in a jail in Tomato Country. He had been arrested for public indecency while he was trying to do his last irrational thing before settling down: skydiving. But everything turned out all right: Jesse sang his rendition of Forever as he waited for his bride to walk down the aisle.

Lily and Marshall – How I Met Your Mother

The road to the altar is often paved with obstacles. At a certain point, you’ve gone through enough stress and you want to know that it was all worth it - that you’re at the end of the tunnel and the light at the end is actually a crowd of loving faces waiting for you.

However, it seems that Marshall and Lily of How I Met Your Mother were destined to have their perfect moment ruined by mishaps galore. A dapper ex-boyfriend arrived out of nowhere to give Lily a ride in a limo, her veil fell off into a fountain during the ceremony, then her harpist went into labor.

Bernadette and Howard – The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 of the Big Bang Theory ended with a touching, tear-inducing wedding ceremony on a rooftop, officiated by their friends. Howard Wolowitz and Bernadette Rostenkowski have always been a couple that is destined to be together. Their love for each other never fails to bring a smile to your face.

It turned out that Howard was going to be sent to space, so before he left, the couple decided to get married. They enlisted their friends Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj and Amy as ministers so they could perform the ceremony on a rooftop in Pasadena.

Whitley and Dwayne – A Different World

College-based sitcom A Different World was known for its witty dialogue and strong female characters who pushed the boundaries of their era - especially when it came to romance. Whitley and Dwayne became the show's focal point, so their wedding was a big deal.

For years, viewers watched as they went from being friends to being together and then back to friends again. When Whitley finally settled down with her fiancé Byron, Dwayne swooped in during her wedding to convince her that he was the one for her and not Byron.

Angel and Papi – Pose

The long-awaited marriage of Angel and Papi was a beautiful ceremony that concluded the third season of Pose. The couple were surrounded by all their loved ones, including Lulu and Blanca, who gave the couple their sober chips as “something borrowed," delivering a message about recovery that resonates with so many people.

The show received great critical acclaim for its depiction of the ball culture and the marginalized members of society it focuses on. With this wedding, Pose delivers two powerful messages, both about the power of love within different relationships and how important it is to stay sober in your journey towards happiness.  

Zack and Kelly – Saved by the Bell

The storybook romance of Saved by the Bell's Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski had us rooting for them from the very beginning. Zack was the cool-dude jock with a heart of gold, and Kelly was the sweet, caring girl next door who had just as much sass as her beau.

After 4 seasons, two spin-offs and a TV movie, the high school sweethearts who first met in junior high finally tied the knot in two-hour TV movie special Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, which also marked the conclusion of the series in its original incarnation.

Luke and Lorelai – Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls fans waited years for a resolution to the Lorelai and Luke romance, and while their original breakup was probably the most tear-jerking moment of the series, the couple's beautiful wedding is what really brings the show to its conclusion.

In true Gilmore fashion, there are no bells or whistles at this ceremony, but instead, there is an intimate setting with friends and family present to witness two people bond together for life. And after spending seven seasons swapping witty banter, Luke and Lorelai get the happy ending that they deserve.

Izzie and Alex – Grey’s Anatomy

This show has given us a lot of tear-jerking moments over the years, but there’s one that will forever stand out. When we think about great TV weddings, we can’t help but think of the ceremony that took place on Grey’s Anatomy between Dr. Alex Karev and Dr. Izzie Stevens. 

Not only was it originally supposed to be Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey exchanging their vows, but the whole thing was actually put together in less than a day as a surprise for Izzie after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Turk and Carla – Scrubs

Turk and Carla had a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to tie the knot - but luckily, their friends and family were there to help them through. As Turk learned the hard way, getting married is never a cakewalk - which is why he and Carla change their plans at the last minute.

There were plenty of bumps along the way, like when Turk showed up to the wrong church, resulting in him missing thhe ceremony. But there were also some sweet moments that have become fan favorites: when they finally exchanged their vows at a priest’s bedside in the hospital.

Maxwell and Fran – The Nanny

The Nanny was a show that focused on silly antics, which is part of what made its final episode so surprising and beautiful. The wedding of Fran and Maxwell was one of the most beautiful ceremonies on television in the '90s.

It was refreshing to see such a lighthearted show take marriage seriously. The show had been about Fran and Max’s will-they-won’t-they relationship for the entire series, so this wedding seemed like it would be the culmination of years of romantic tension.

Criss and Liz – 30 Rock

The best weddings really reflect the couple getting married. Criss and Liz's wedding was no exception. These two people had been through so much together already, and had so much more to experience together, were ready to take the next step in their lives together.

Liz Lemon's relationship with Criss is one of the best parts of 30 Rock because it's so relatable. Though physical attraction is important in any relationship, Liz and Criss provide an example that true love can be found when you find someone who accepts your quirks and loves you despite them.

Grayson and Jules – Cougar Town

When Cougar Town‘s Grayson and Jules finally tied the knot, it was a true celebration of the new couple. They longed for a beach wedding, but local regulations didn't allow them to tie the knot on the sands. So the entire cul-de-sac crew disguised themselves to sneak onto the beach and perform the ceremony.

With everyone dressed up, the couple and their close friends are able to execute a surprise wedding on the beach. The wedding ends with Grayson and Jules riding off on a horse into the sunset in order to evade police officers.

David and Patrick – Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek has always been more humorous, but David and Patrick's wedding in the series finale was one of the most heartfelt moments in the show's run. The finale had everything a good series finale should have - a stunning song, a perfect montage, and an absolutely beautiful moment.

From David wearing his iconic suit to Moira officiating and David dancing with Patrick in front of all of their friends, it was truly the best ending possible for such a beloved show. And as usual, the Roses rallied together and found a way to save the day in true Schitt’s Creek fashion.

Randall and Beth – This Is Us

Randall and Beth from soap This Is Us have quickly become one of the most beloved TV couples of the era, which is why it’s no surprise that fans of the show were eager to see the duo tie the knot.

The episode featuring their wedding was a highlight for many reasons - the classic Pearson twin bickering, Kevin’s goatee, Beth’s gorgeous dress...the list goes on! It was also a sweet moment to see how much love there was in their relationship. Who wouldn't want to be a guest at this lovely wedding?

Callie and Arizona – Grey’s Anatomy

When it comes to the often-hyped wedding of fan-favorites on Grey’s Anatomy, there are two types of fans. There are those who think Callie and Arizona’s wedding was the best one ever - and then there are those who prefer Meredith and Derek’s.

Callie and Arizona’s wedding was a special one. They overcame a lot of obstacles to get there, from Callie’s homophobic mother to the couple’s own doubts about whether they were ready to be married. But all that drama was worth it when they said their vows and walked off into the sunset together.

Castle and Beckett – Castle

When we first heard that Castle was getting engaged to Beckett, our hearts were bursting with joy. Then we faced the long, agonizing wait for them to finally tie the knot, when season six ended on an awesome cliffhanger, with Castle suffering a flaming car crash on his way to the wedding.

After a tense season seven opener, Castle recovered - and a little over a year later, they wed in New York City with only their closest friends and loved ones present. It was low-key, but the ceremony was still beautiful and meaningful with both of them exchanging vows about how much they love each other.

Mouch and Platt – Chicago Fire

We all know that opposites attract, but sometimes the exact opposite is true- two people are so alike that they end up being almost too perfect for each other. That's what happened to Chicago Fire's Mouch and Platt, and it nearly derailed their entire wedding.

The funny thing about Mouch and Platt's wedding episode was how they were both so worried about the same thing. They thought of each other as this idealized version that they feared would never be able to live up to their expectations. It turned out that they both had the same tastes for simple pleasures.

Barry and Iris – The Flash

It's a happy coincidence that the Arrowverse decided to have its three-show crossover right at the time when Barry and Iris were planning their wedding. The only downside was that the Nazi dopplegangers from Earth-X and their army of meta-humans seriously put a kink in things!

Getting married in a church is hard enough when you don't have to deal with a horde of villains, so Barry and Iris postponed their vows until the danger was over. In fact, they weren't the only ones who had to delay, as Oliver and Felicity of Arrow postponed their wedding for the same reason.

Meredith and Derek – Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy power couple Meredith and Derek have technically been married twice - when they exchanged their vows after handing over their wedding to Izzie and Alex, and when they were legally married at a civil ceremony in City Hall civil ceremony with no guests in attendance.

However, the moment the couple wrote down their vows on Post-It notes and called it a wedding was our favourite moment - and so is the memory of it. It may not have been elaborate or traditional (in fact it wasn't even legal), but it was theirs.